We have moved!


We have moved to a new fully equipped animation studio. Which is a stones throw from Broadway Market, East London and just by the Regents Canal.

The Picturesmith team have now successfully moved in to our new hub in Hackney. We are pleased to have a new creative space where we work with clients to strategise, develop and test new projects.

More about the space, it has two floors. We use the upstairs area for brainstorming ideas, storing our bookshelves, doing admin work and planning strategy.

Of course we had to celebrate the move in Picturesmith fashion with a paper stop motion animation…

The Studio

Our new place is equated with an office, an in house photography studio, an art department and a Kitcheners for the team. The upstairs area is full of light, standing desks, books and whiteboards for brainstorming and growth mindset of our employees. It’s surprising how beneficial books are for a work place, we have even wrote a blog post about it!

The downstairs area is our creative hub where we make props and assets in the art department and then bring animation to life in our photography studio. Just like our work, our creative space is never dull. We brought with us colour coded boxes of lego, our Andy Warhol skateboard and plenty of plants.

Our new studio is available for hire, you can find out more information here.

The Location

We are pleased to be surrounded by other studios, creative spaces and a hughstreet with shops, restaurants and hairdressers.

And, The Broadway market is a great lunch spot for lunches, located right next to a Victoria Park.

Pop in to say hi if you are in the neighbourhood!

Looking for a studio?

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