Trips to toy shops and hours spent watching car chases on YouTube, doesn’t sound like a real job, but it is ours.

We got a dream storyboard through one day that led to a wonderfully enjoyable project to produce a TV commercial for tootle – a startup with a new way to sell your car.

The storyboard had model cars racings around a living room floor, and we looked at it with a collective sense of awe – it was perfect.

We were delighted to work with Toast TVThe Two Rogers and tootle to bring this storyboard to life.

After dozens of model car auditions, and numerous tests to work out how to achieve the car jump, what speed the cars should drive at, how will they behave on a rug vs floorboards – and posing for countless 3D printed figures, we were ready to shoot.

To achieve an authentic night time look we opted for practical lighting and fast prime lenses. All stunts were created in camera, with rigs removed in post production.

It was a lot of fun, but our Creative Director’s family was glad to have their living room back.

Featured: The Marketing Blog

Client: tootle
 Agency: Toast
Creative: The Two Rogers
Directed: Picturesmith
Production Design: Lucie Red
Sound Design: Fonic

Behind the scenes

Before and after rig removal

Stop motion model car jump with rigs tootle cars in the air