Stop motion TV Idents with Food

McCann London got in touch with us to create a series of stop motion TV idents. These were for Subway’s sponsorship of the London NFL Games in 2017 and later in 2018.

Project Brief

The brief was to celebrate Subway sponsoring NFL London Games by combining the two brands together in a number of idents. The short idents would be played on television, YouTube, social media and in the arena itself.

We have partnered up with McCann before to work on Subway idents for their sponsorship of The Big Bang Theory. So, it was exciting to work with the brand again as we already had an idea of what they wanted.

Team Work

Hands On

Perfect Partners

Beautiful Game

Game On

Hands On 2018

Our Approach

Making something for such an iconic sport, has to be active and full of energy! The idents ought to reflect Subway as well as it does London NFL Games. Our aim was to marry the two brands in these short clips.

The idents will be celebrating The International Series London Games. We wanted to make something vibrant, engaging and active to reflect on the brands.

Over the past two years we have come up with six separate idents (shown above).

The Visuals

Working with such popular and recognisable brands means that our creative team had guidelines in place. Subway’s guidelines focused mainly on colours we used when making up the set. And to no surprise, NFL had some memorable merchandise that we wanted to showcase.

The creative team begun by working hard on the storyline for these clips.  The idea was to combine the two companies into short and engaging idents by combining their common factors. For example, both companies highly value team work, so one of our idents focused on that.

With the storyboards set in place, we moved on to make motion graphics of the idents. This helped us work out the timing and framing for each scene. It also pointed out what we might need for the production to take place. This included hiring a dating agency, a food stylist and purchasing necessary props.

Brand Colours

Primary Colours

Secondary Colours

Beautiful Game Scene 1

It was key for our production team to capture this energetic atmosphere.

For this to be achieved, we begin by animating the scenes in After Effects. This helped our director of photography, Peter Ellmore organise the set, lighting and any other additional tech we needed.

The scenes were composed with the Subway brand colours in mind.

Having a number of different idents to shoot, we were mindful of the time restrictions and the overall sustainability of our production. Picturesmith care deeply of our impact on the planet and highly value sustainability. Besides the energy used on set being renewable, we reused and recycled props used on the shoot.

Our talented and hard working team was made up of the art department, director of photography, producers and animators.

We always scale our team in accordance of the project, in this instance we once again worked with food stylists to enhance the product. As well as working with a dance agency and professional dancers to make the idents stand out even more.

We have made these idents across two years, for two separate seasons of NFL. The idents produced include continuity of themes but also something new to keep the content relevant and memorable.

Behind the Scenes

The Result

The final product over the two years working alongside the creative team at McCann and Subway, is six idents.

This project was especially exciting, since it was the first shoot we did in our brand new studio. This project was also shortlisted for Creativepool’s Annual Awards in 2018.

You can catch the idents on Sky Sports, in your local cinema, YouTube or on the big screen at the venues if you are lucky enough to have a ticket.


Client: Subway

Agency: McCann London

Director of Photography : Peter Ellmore

Additional Animators: Samuel Lewis and George Carman

Gaffer: Jonathan Yates

Directed/Produced: Picturesmith

Camera Assistant: Mark Swaffield

Food Stylists: Rob MorrisJack Sargeson and Lucy Ruth

Dance Agency: HeadNod