We made a tribute to the late, great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, inspired by the Design Museum’s exhibition.

Adopting some of his legendary shots from 2001 A Space Odyssey, violence from A Clockwork Orange, guns from Full Metal Jacket and symmetry from The Shining (actually all of his films).

We couldn’t get our hands on any of the modified NASA lenses he used to shoot Barry Lyndon so used our 105mm Macro instead. To make the cinematography a little more challenging, we found the smallest, roundest, shiniest object we could – a die-cast chicken called “Q-Mech Aggy” for our DOP, Peter Ellmore to light and move on our motion control rig.

It’s no fun if it’s easy, right?

Directed/Produced: Picturesmith

DOP/Moco: Peter Ellmore