We had the absolute pleasure of working with young director Alec Syphas to produce his brick film – Saviour of Bat World, working in collaboration with Make-A-Wish.

As well as directing, Alec wrote the script, narrated the film and did the sound effects!

Even though it’s only 60 seconds long, we spent almost a week just making the LEGO sets.

Read more about Alec’s directorial debut over at Make-A-Wish.

Writer/director: Alec Syphas

Made in association with Make-A-Wish
Animation: Picturesmith
LEGO before Lego post production

There was a lot of rig removal for this project as each character needed one to be able to run. In this scene where Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum has the most characters, so we thought it would be a good one to show the before and after- with and without rigs (and a bit of brightening).