We used stop motion and pixilation to bring Quizlet’s “Feed Your Brain” campaign to life.

Working with Flying Object and Quizlet, we transformed traditional learning materials into the Quizlet learning app.


Quizlet – Feed Your Brain (campaign edit)

Duration: 1:03


This campaign needed to demonstrate how the Quizlet app is useful for students who want to learn on the go in digestible “bite-sized” portions.

The creative treatment was playful, using conventional study materials, such as textbooks, a molecular model and a laptop, being transformed into flashcards and then the Quizlet app.

The art direction was led by Quizlet’s bold brand guidelines.


The main creative development centred on figuring out how to slice through textbooks, blend molecules and turn notes into sushi – all using stop motion. The kebab animation required paper cards to bend and fall away from a stack of books, which was a fun problem to solve.

Pixilated hands introduced another layer of complexity as the animations needed to be performed relatively quickly.

Each animation was shot so that it would work in both 9:16 and 16:9 aspect ratios, which was a consideration during the set designs in pre production.

All six videos were shot in our studio over five days before we spent a few weeks in post production: editing, compositing and grading. Given this was an international campaign, the artwork on the flashcards was added digitally in post to provide flexibility for localisation into different languages.

View the full series here

Quizlet YouTube Channel


  • 3 x 6” and 3 x 15″ YouTube bumpers

Aspect ratios: 16:9 and 9:16


Client: Quizlet

Quizlet Head of Brand: Sean Daily

Brand Manager: Alexa Saccone

Brand Designer: Sarah Im

Agency: Flying Object

Flying Object Producer: George Bergel, Jessica Jordan-Wrench, Effie Theos

Creatives: Priya Mistry, Charles Rickleton

Production company: Picturesmith

Producer: Charlie Blackman

Director: Christian Hopkins

DOP: Peter Ellmore

Gaffer: Jonathan Yates

Animators: Mark Waring, Mo Soliman, Joey Hawks

Art director: Ben Côtè

Art department: Joe Kirton , Mara Frampton

Hand models: Laura Fairbairn, Christian Hopkins, Mark Waring, Mo Soliman

Manicurist: Adina Kelley, Catalina (Le Salon)

Post production: Picturesmith

Sound design: Zelig

Catering: The Little Cooking Pot