We teamed up with the creatives at Autobahn to collaborate on this project using stop motion to animate bags for sportswear giant, Puma.

The brief was to create engaging videos that showcase Puma’s new sports bag and backpack designs for an internal audience. Autobahn called us to help create these stop motion animations, shot in our studio.

Both films followed a similar treatment with bags spinning and popping into the different designs. Puma shoes, clothing and accessories slide neatly into frame before magically packing themselves in the bags.

Client: Puma
Production Company: Autobahn
Animation & Studio: Picturesmith
2nd animator: Samuel Lewis

In preparation of the shoot, we did some tests to make sure the animation would fit the brief.

With two spots to prep and shoot in two days, we brought in animator Samuel Lewis to get both of these animations shot in one day.


The two spots were lit by Autobahn Director/DP – Pedro de le Fuente. And were shot in one stage area in our studio as they both had similar setup, with florescent tubes providing practical lighting for a simple, futuristic look.