We made this handcrafted ident for Picturehouse cinemas to coincide with their new branding. The brief was to create a story that reflects the Picturehouse experience.

This animation plays before every film, so maintaining interest with repeat viewings was fundamental to the design. We used split screens to add detail, with up to five shots running at the same time.

We brought the animation to life using replacement assets, lots of them. The animation had to be created in 2D first to work out every asset. There were thousands of assets each finished by hand – requiring patience, organisation and deft craft skills from our art department.

We shot this on a multi-plane which gave our Director of Photography, Peter Ellmore, freedom to create the depth we were looking for.

The original score, composed by Richard de Rosa was a perfect fit for the visuals, and Fonic added the final touches with fun sound design.

Look out for the ident showing in all Picturehouse cinemas throughout 2019.

Directed, Produced & Animated: Picturesmith
Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore
2D Animation: Sam Bevington
Composer: Richard De Rosa
Sound design by Fonic

Exterior scene

This was the first shot we set up, was the most complex to took the longest. It was a challenge to keep the glass clean for so long.

Bar scene

This time-lapse from the bar scene, shows how narrow this shot was. There are lots of the lights and rigs visible in the un-cropped shot.

Screen screen

The cinema scene used all four panes of glass and a backlit background, this took two days to setup and light.