Motion graphics for KPMG

Bringing KPMG’s thought leadership in the insurance markets to life using motion design.

Project brief

KPMG’s insurance business is a leader in the marketplace. Their team wanted to bring their knowledge to a wider audience promoting their thought leadership in the Commercial and Life & Health insurance markets.

The content had to educate as well as engage their target audience in order to raise awareness and demonstrate their authority in these markets.

Our approach

KPMG has a wealth of knowledge and our job was to help them refine the core message and present it in a way that is simple to understand and on-brand.

The solution we came up with was to create a series of short films. This helped with both more viewable, shorter content as well as a more focused core message.

This also had the benefit of increasing the amount of marketing content their team were about to use.

These films were also designed to be combined into a single film for use in internal communications, tradeshows and conferences etc.

To present diversity within KPMG we worked with a female and male voice actor.

The visuals

Like most large organisations brand guidelines determine the look of marketing content, and KPMG is no different.

KPMG’s brand guidelines are bold and graphic to help give their content a distinct look.

We created style frames and storyboard in line with the guidelines to visualise the script. Once the style frames and storyboard were signed off, we used After Effects to animate the films.

Brand colours

Primary colours

Secondary colours

KPMG augmented super agent storyboard frame KPMG Animated people and apps


The final result was 7 short animations for two insurance markets – Commercial and Life & Health.

These have been used on the (Re)insurance industry’s communications hub – Slipcase. Which at the time was the most viewed content on the platform.

Helping KPMG simplify their message has changed how they go to market.

Disruptive forces in Commercial Insurance


Client: KPMG

Director/Producer: Picturesmith

Art direction: Picturesmith

Illustration: Picturesmith

Animation: Picturesmith & Al Boardman

Disruptive forces in Life & Health Insurance


Client: KPMG

Director/Producer: Picturesmith

Art direction: Picturesmith

Illustration: Sam Bevington

Animation: Sam Bevington

Picturesmith have worked with us strategically over the last 3 years helping us transform the way we go to market. Their deep expertise and insight on how to effectively and simply deliver complex messages is outstanding.

Matthew SmithPartner, KPMG