Stop-motion animation for J&B’s pocket whiskey bottle

We teamed up with Niche to create social media adverts for J&B’s new product.

Project Brief

Niche approached us to make an advert that will promote J&Bs new product. The subject is their new pocked sized whiskey bottle that is perfect for outdoor events.

The advert should represent the fun and vibrant identity of the brand and the product.

This advert will be advertised on social media, so it ought to be fun, engaging and memorable.

Our Approach

As most of our processes start, we begun brainstorming idea on how we would present this new product.

The client expressed the importance of representing this product fun and vibrant. As well as the function of the newly designed bottles.

With that in mind, the Picturesmith creative team proceeded to make a storyboard of the advert.

In order to reflect the personality of the product, we decided to give it a lot of movement throughout the ad.

The pocket bottle is perfect for taking to outdoor events. We wanted to show that in the advert, we did this via the se of background.

The storyboard included various backgrounds that the audience can relate to.Once the storyboard was confirmed by all that were involved, we begun pre-production.

Animating the storyline before beginning the stop motion production is always helpful preparation.

Our director of photography Peter Ellmore, was able to use this for the camera and lighting set up.

The animatic also gave the director and producer and idea of what the stop motion process might require.

For instance, in this case we used our multilane set up to achieve the delay effect on camera.

Besides the animatic, it is also key to carry out tests prior to the shoot. The animatic gave us important insight on how to prepare the studio, but the test tied up the final points to consider.

The narrative of the advert includes a hand. This is important because we wanted to make sure the audience have an idea of the size of  the product.

Using a multilane was a great choice because it kept the workspace organised and the final product clear.

We shot the entire thing in a few days, and then edited the background, colour graded the footage and added the music all in house.

The Result

The final video is 2 seconds long. As we wanted something quick and energetic that would reflect the product, the brand and would satisfy the social media user.

Social media advertising content is usually shorter than usual as the attention span of the audience is shorter.

The advert was played on Diageo’s Facebook page.



Client: J&B Scotch Whiskey

Agency: Niche

Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore

Directed/Produced: Picturesmith