For this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, we made a series of stop motion animations featuring a modified Subbuteo football team.

Because the women’s teams aren’t well represented by Subbuteo yet, we altered a team to create a representative from each of the countries in the tournament.


If you’re not familiar with Subbuteo, they’re small plastic football players stuck on discs. It was big in the 80s (or maybe the 70s…)

The small size meant really small moves for the animation.

As ever, we used Dragonframe to shoot the stop motion. The aim was to create quick GIF style content to be shared as and when goals were scored and matches were won (or lost).


Peter Ellmore using our latest bit of kit, the Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens. It’s a crazy looking lens, and with good lighting or a slow shutter speed gets some great results. We were able to get super close to the action and make it seem like you are in the game.


Made by: Picturesmith
Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore