We collaborated with design agency After Hours on a series of hand-crafted animations to promote the D&AD New Blood Awards.

The brief was to come up with a series of animations that to be used in a phased roll-out on Instagram and an email campaign. The initial phase was to raise awareness about the New Blood Awards among students around the world.

The second phase was communicating the three key events – the Festival, the Academy and the Awards.

And the last phase was the ceremony itself. We created the intro which was a culmination of some of the films we’d made, highlighting the journey to that point. The outro was a more cathartic exercise where we started with many of the props that were used throughout the campaign, and one by one removed them through pixilated animation, before flicking a metaphorical switch on the campaign at the end of the film.

Agency & Concept: After Hours
Art, direction & sound: Picturesmith

Behind the scenes

A making-of video that the lovely people at D&AD made with some of our faces in it…