Stop motion animation for Camden Town Brewery’s new glass The Kenneth

We teamed up with Camden Town Brewery to promote their new glass, The Kenneth that will be available in pubs across the country.

The Brief

Camden Town Brewery reached out to us to promote their new beer glass, The Kenneth. Their research shows that people pay attention to the way their drinks are presented. So the Camden Town Brewery team created a new glass that is inspired by design and by beer.

The Kenneth is named after the legendary industrial designer Sir Kenneth Grange. Our east was to create an advert that not only celebrates the new glass, but also includes the inspiration from Sir Kenneth Grange.

His designs include:

  • the London Black Cab (or the TX1 if you want t be specific)
  • InterCity 125
  • Parker 25
  • Kodak Instamatic 33
  • Anglepoise 75 lamp.

Our Approach

To satisfy the brief we had to make sure that the story is coherent and includes the key props.

The Picturesmith team collaborated with Camden Town Brewery to make a storyboard that reflects their brand and the inspiration for the glass. The narrative had to include the key props as well as the glass itself. Drawing the link between the two became the centre of the storyboard.

The final storyboard included the Kenneth glass being drawn with a Parker 25 as it is introduced. Sir Kenneth Grange is then addressed and we tell a bit more about his designs.

The other inventions are brought to life by playful animation whilst a pint is in the frame. This was to make sure that the focus is not taken away from the star- the new Sir Kenneth pint glass.

We worked with director of photography Peter Ellmore. Who helped us with the lighting and the camera set up for the filming process.

The mise en scene of the advert had to represent Camden Town Brewery, be memorable and engaging for the viewer.

The Picturesmith team had a blast doing research on the background for the set. We visited numerous bars and pubs to get inspiration for the pub backdrop.

The art department did a splendid job gather necessary props for the production.

The Picturesmith creative team alongside Peter Ellmore created the set in our photography studio.

The entire advert was shot in two days. Such great time frame is due to prep work we did beforehand alongside Camden Town Brewery team.

The Kenneth Glass

Director of photography, Peter Ellmore, and the Picturesmith team wanted to prostrate this in the visuals of the advert. To make sure the design aspect comes across, we included the Kenneth pint glass being designed on a napkin in a bar setting. This tied the two concepts together.

Working with bear can be tricky. Partly because it is very tempting to just drink it. But also because throughout the filming the foam levels go down and it doesn’t look the same on camera.

Once the footage was finished, we colour graded the advert in house.

The Result

The final product was a thirty second video explaining the aspiration for the new product and show casing it. This footage was then used by the client in the social media marketing across multiple social media platforms.

Having quick and to the point advert engages the view who scrolls down their feed. The text on the screen designed the guide the viewer to through the story and to increase engagement.


Client: Camden Town Brewery 

Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore

Directed/Produced: Picturesmith

Sound: Fonic