Our brief was to capture the fine detail and beauty of these cast bronze skills to promote Bone Tooth and Claw online and social media.


We collaborated with Peter Ellmore who directed and photographed the film. The skulls were rigged to our Dito Gear motion control equipment which was driven by Dragonframe. This setup allowed incredibly fine movements when capturing the skulls uing stop motion and go motion for motion blur.

We used a custom bellow lens to capture the skulls in extreme close-ups and allowed for experimental, angled depth of field photography.

We shot with a Canon 5D shooting RAW, and the image sequences were converted to DNG for post prodution to be handled in Davinci Resolve for colour grading and rig removal.

In addition to the main edit, we created loopable edit suitable for homepage use with no sound (see below).

Client: Bone Tooth and Claw
Director/DOP: Peter Ellmore
Produced/post production: Picturesmith