As big music fans, we jumped at the chance to work on the new lyric video for Bear’s Den’s latest single ‘Blankets of Sorrow’ from their upcoming album ‘So That You Might Hear Me’.

First of all, it’s a great song!

Secondly, the brief from Studio Juice was in both senses, very cool. A perfect mix of beautiful aesthetics and creative problem solving – just the kind of project we love to work on.

The result is made from frozen blue ink letters that were melted (on either glass or ice) and captured with time-lapse photography. Some post-production work helped to achieve the final look.

Watching this get made in slow motion, we know the lines pretty well!

The lyric video is now on YouTube.

p.s. save 26th April in your calendar and be first in line when the album is released.

Artist: Bear’s Den
Agency: Studio Juice
Director/Producer: Picturesmith
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