D&AD- Animation workshop

We were super excited to get involved with the D&AD Festival this year! The Picturesmith team run four workshops in the festival to teach Adobe After Effects.

It’s always great to meet more like-minded people, share our knowledge and get creative.

Using the Microsoft Surface and Adobe CC, we taught creatives from the festival some tricks and techniques on Adobe After Effects.

It was also really exciting to set up a a pixilation stop motion station. This was led with the  help of Director of Photography Peter Ellmore. The Picturesmith team has worked with Peter on numerous occasions (check out our portfolio). so it’s always great to get together and share some knowledge with other minds.

But what is pixilation? In case you didn’t know, pixilation (not to be confused with pixelation) is a stop motion animation technique. The idea is that it uses people as the subject.

We wanted to make our workshops engaging and for everyone to get involved. So we gave everyone a chance to use this technique in practise. The participants used their hands to make an animation.

We of course made sure to get thin camera. Here is a little edit of the frames we took at the pixilation station

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