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Finding a production partner who shares your ambition for great work can be tricky.

Will they:

  • Understand and help achieve your goals?
  • Match your expectations for production values?
  • Have they done this before?
We make video content to entertain, communicate clearly and to stand out for your audience.

If you’re looking to increase sales, raise brand awareness or tell a complex story simply; animation is a great way to connect with your audience whether they’re watching on TV, cinema or online.

Our team are motivated by turning a script into a great visual story, one that you can be proud of.

J&B Pocket Bottle on rainbow background

J&B Whiskey Pocket Bottle

Exterior scene from Picturehouse stop motion ident


No I’m not sorry anymore Bear’s Den

Bear’s Den – Blankets of Sorrow

Subway game on text on ribbon

Subway sponsors NFL London Games

Stop motion and pixilation animation with pint of Hells larger

Camden Town Brewery

Sub of the Day triptych stop motion and pixilation animation

Subway – Sub Of The Day

Subway tomato teleportation experiment

Subway Sponsors The Big Bang Theory

Stop motion origami animation for eBay


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Taking your ideas from thought to screen

We are a full-service creative studio specialising in mixed media, stop motion and 2D animation.


We work with you to design and develop a concept to fit your brand, product, service or story.


All animations are made in our studio with a dedicated team crafting your story.


Projects are finished in-house for seamless delivery.

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Unique, eye-catching visuals for your story, product or brand.

What our clients say

Applause. Applause. Applause. I couldn’t have asked for a better result or a better process. My client feels the same way and they are buzzing with big smiles about the final product. Picturesmith brings a certain smart and true aesthetic in the creative work they do while adding special progressive touches.

Paul LongPaul Long Productions, LLC

Our planning product SCQuARE has always been difficult to describe.
Picturesmith have managed to create the most brilliant creative but articulate animations that describe what we do better than any form of words. They have envious levels of creativity but matched with high levels of practical business knowledge, they are a great asset to have on your side.

Ross LovelockChairman, SCQuARE International

Picturesmith created two different videos for us and exceeded our high expectations each time. They have a way of capturing the core idea behind complex concepts and communicating clear messages in a way that ties in directly to business goals.
I recommend them whenever a colleague is looking for something high quality and innovative.

Jillian ConveyCherie Blair Foundation for Women, Director of Communications