Creative videos that help you stand out

Clearly communicated, beautifully delivered
for TV, cinema and online

We are Picturesmith

We make creative videos that drive brand awareness and comprehension.

Clearly communicated, beautifully delivered content that will educate and entertain your audience wherever they are; tv, cinema, or online.

We make your story work hard by looking at the big picture and the small details

We’ve made cars fly, people float and ink melt – hand-crafted visuals that are striking, memorable and bring your story to life.

We are a full-service creative studio specialising in stop motion and 2D animation

Our team take your story from thought to screen, or help with any part along the creative process.


Concept, script, style frames, storyboard, props and testing animation.


All animations are made in our studio, which means we can move seamlessly from pre-production to production.


Projects are finished in-house, so last-minute tweaks are handled with ease. We work with sound designers & composers to add the final touches.

Trusted by clients around the world

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