Creative content to help you stand out

Clearly communicated, beautifully delivered
for TV, cinema and online

We are Picturesmith

We make creative content that drive awareness and understanding.

Clearly communicated, beautifully delivered content that will inform and entertain your audience wherever they are; tv, cinema, or online.

We make your content work hard by looking at the big picture and the small details, with striking, hand-crafted visuals that are as unique as your story.

We are a full-service creative studio specialising in stop motion and 2D animation

Our team take your story from thought to screen, or we can help with any part along the creative process.


We work with you to design a concept to fit your brand and story.


Animations are made in our studio so we can develop and craft ideas seamlessly.


All the visuals and audio pieces are put together ready for distribution.


We can help you get your content in front of the right audience at the right time.

Trusted by clients around the world