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Animation studio London

We are Picturesmith, an animation studio in London specialising in short-form marketing and communication content – explainer videos, social media, branded content and commercials for TV and cinema.

We use stop motion, photography, 2D, live-action and mixed media to help your story stand out from the crowd. Making content that’s as unique as your brand.

Whether you’re promoting a new product, service, or communicating with your people, animation can be the perfect way to elevate your message and educate your audience.

Whether you have a clear goal and a creative brief or unsure where to begin, we’re here to help.

Our creatives craft your story to be seen, heard and understood, entertaining and educating your audience.

We are a small team and take on a limited number of clients to focus on our projects.

Our studio is fully equipped for photography, stop motion, 2D and mixed media animations.

As APA members, we are regularly updated with the best guidelines to ensure we are shooting safely.

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Picturesmith have worked with us strategically over the last 3 years helping us transform the way we go to market. Their deep expertise and insight on how to effectively and simply deliver complex messages is outstanding.

Matthew SmithPartner, KPMG

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